Sunday, September 11, 2016

8635. BOATS

The boats are rolling with cigarettes, the
kind kids smoke, not the racing boats.
Getting high while out at sea is agreeable
enough, it seems to me, if their dads don't
mind. It can keep them from barfing on
the deck, at least over the side, while they
tastefully undo their girlfriend's top. Even
tans are fun to do. No lines. A couple of
Biker guys, in the next boat over, are again
pissing over the side.  Those guys are all
alike, and always the same. Bombast and
bravado, you know those two. Landlubbers
like that should stay on dirt with their bikes.
Hey, I don't want to hear your story : your
wife's at home with the milkman, yeah, right.
Who has them anymore? Tell me another 
made -up tale and then maybe check your
credit-card bill to see what she's buying to
keep you replaced. Mr. Muscle-Man, 10
inches of fiery, vibrating fun. Better get
home then, fella  -  or at least the hell
outta' here. Run.
Once these chumps learn to walk on water,
no telling what things will happen then.

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