Saturday, September 10, 2016


They are loading the crates down at
the wharf : my cup runneth over, it
seems, with the rum they deliver.
Nothing is supposed to be loose, of
course, all this freight with snap tags
and scanners, but these stevedore-union
guys get through. Have a drink, or two.
Hi, I'm Fred, or can be; Fred Merriment,
that's me. I'm here most every weekend
just hanging around, love to watch this
stuff come in. It slows down some for
weekends but that's the best time, and
because of it too. Ain't like the old days;
now everything's over there  -  he points
across the water, I guess towards the
Elizabethport docks. Everything now is
crated and locked, over there. 30 years
ago, it was loose; we'd have our hands
in everything  - knew what was coming 
in from the lists and dockets. We got
everything from bicycles to pens to 
water-wheels and stockings. Not
much like that at all today,
This is probably the best spot around 
here, and none really know of it  -  
see those fancy-ass restaurants 
over there, they each have a 
liquor wholesaler they by from;
and that wholesalers' stuff comes 
in right here. Almost a trade
secret. Things get taken.
Here, have another.

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