Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Usually I don't care : people as the
normative fallacy of my life mark
my decisions.  We're either alone here
together, or some God has a guiding
hand. In either case, I wouldn't know. 
I can attest, however, to being of a
miserable norm, and can represent
two things, the possible fruits of
mind: first, that this 'God' is a
self-projection; part and parcel 
of its own generation empowered 
to be and  - by that  -  that which 
we see' (We made God, God did
not make We); and second: the
greater idea of One. This God
needed only do ONE thing, once,
and did. By 'making' us, period.
In the make-up of this 'making'
of us, all needed was to 'give'
to us the inherent possibilities 
of everything around us. Make
us, in turn, a ONE who would 
struggle and create; who would 
accept the possibilities of their
being a God or not, of worlds
coming from worlds, of science 
and art. He did not need to make
the mending bone, just implant
within us the idea of the possibility
that a bone could mend. It is all
so fraught. He did not need to 
'make' the solar system and all
its dependent arms, just merely
to implant in Man the mind that
would accept all that : every
portent and ratable quotient:
that boats can float, that water
is displaced, the air can move,
that blood is traced. W accept
this foreful world in all its
possibilities. Such, such was
the work of a silent God.
The rest is all work
and story.

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