Monday, September 12, 2016


I am the airborne titleist, sitting in
front of the screen. Someone's TV
is on, and I can hear the scores and
the crowd and the newsman who 
blurts in and says Hillary's down!
I thought she got shot like Reagan
did, outside the hotel, walking to her
protected car. But no  - one says she
simply fainted; another says some
dehydration and a third, believe it 
or not, said 'AIDS'. Well, I guess; 
why not ZIKA; why not SARS?
What happens to all these names 
as, after a while, they disappear?
Myself? I think the weight of all the
lies and bullshit, being enough to
weigh down anything, simply took
over  for a few good minutes. She
deserved what she got : a two-hour
disappearance, and the attentions
of her stupid daughter. And who
was the girl on the sidewalk, a
plant? 'We need a little child 
here. Please find one now, 
for the moment, so she can
call her over and smile.'
(Hey, make sure you get 
the joke on 'Said' and 'AIDS').

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