Monday, July 4, 2016


I'd been sidewinding the trailwind
truck for an hour, it seemed. And then
I remembered, 'where are the Trailways
buses of old?' Never thought, but haven't
seen. And then I remembered 'Greyhound'
bus lines too. And where are they? I miss
that nice logo they had. Running Dog
foul lines now.
I rented two rooms, for six months at
least  -  like a half-year deal, renewable.
It was nice, but I can't remember where
it was. Isn't that something? Amarillo?
El Paso? Both or neither? I had a friend
in El Paso, sweet little girl and now I
forget her name too. Her father was
British and her mother was Mexican.
Whatever the name was, I remember
it was weird with that mix. Like
RosaMaria Pritchard. Maybe.
Yeah, well, how far down do you
follow one of these things? Thinking
about stuff forever. It seems. One
Christmas Eve day, in a crummy pizza 
joint in Edison, New Jersey, I can
remember sitting there, the place was
deserted, I was eating some ancient
warmed pizza. And all of a sudden
like seven or eight mailmen come in.
Men and women, I should say  -  
postal workers. They'd somehow all
broken for lunch together, just stopped
their day's rounds and met here. Ordered
three pizzas  -  which I thought maybe
not enough, but maybe it was. I didn't stay.
When I was done, I wished them all a
Merry Christmas and walked away.

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