Tuesday, July 26, 2016

8443. IN PHASE ONE (how the modern day arises)

(how the modern day arises)
'Sire, sire, the flagellants are 
passing through once more -  
from the narrow forest near 
the briny river. They walk in 
clumps and sing along their
way, as each with each they
'Damn this Black Death, damn 
all pestilential rubbish. Have them 
here as piled corpses, to the rear
yard, where they shall burn. Send
ten of my best men to make this
detail now.'
'Sire, sire, from the other direction 
comes a horde with lance and stars,
clubs and mallets all. They seemed
to anger over under-handed things,
and what shall we do, they are 
seeking you?'
'Damn this rabble, mob and riot!
Have them meet the other pack of
fools and take them off my hands.
Call off my men from that other
task assigned  -  attack this rabble

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