Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Oh then, widen that trap you are
setting, open it all the way up.
Make sure it's moistened and
baited to catch the thief; let's
not lose this one again.
Carmichael, Carrigan, Carstens;
I forget the name in use. It's nothing
I ever saw on the spine of a book.
I at least know that. How many
fake names do people need anyway?
Once I rode on a camel. Some 
crazy guide took me to the pyramid
I wanted, at Giza. There was another
guy with us, from Indiana, touring.
He was so annoying; he kept saying
Gaza. I wanted to punch him dead.
Blue water in a bowl. It's all over 
Egypt. I could never tell if the water
was blue, or just the bowl making it
so. It was the same though, wherever 
I saw it. Maybe they have like a blue,
national symbol, or something, that
everyone keeps putting out to display.

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