Sunday, July 24, 2016

8432. NOW ADAM

The first man says 'there's nothing
to eat, so I'll just get drunk.' Then
he turns to the world around him  -
in case there were 'others', of course
of which he would know nothing about.
I don't think. And, of course, according
to this story I don't think there were
anyway. However, he also wouldn't
have known about the food situation
either. So I guess that's questionable
as well. And, come to think of it, he'd
not have a clue about this 'drunkeness'
thing  -  or even why he'd already have
that word. So, you must see, it's all
very deep and complicated - not to say
confusing too. Is it all just a story, one
which we are somehow expected to
accept, or is there some current of a
truth-seeking buried within this? And,
as well, if he really were 'alone', what
would he have known at first about
'hunger'  -  some ingrained digestive
feeling? Pangs of something, unknown.
Was he 'born' (created) full, and how
long then did this 'hunger' take to begin,
but too, what signalled it for him? Would
he have needed to pee before drinking
anything? Which would mean he'd have
known about that? The 'drinking' I mean.
Just water at this point. Did he do the
fermentation thing too? Or was that to
wait for a drunken Noah? (Genesis 9:21).
And then, of course, of course, the wry
damsel Eve. She just shows up one day?
Like that, all assumptions clicking on?
Do you see the uncertainty about things 
I've had to live with my entire life? And
then, their first night together, was it him
I overheard, telling Eve : 'Stand back, Eve,
I don't know how big this thing gets.'

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