Friday, July 1, 2016


The World Trade Center was
always suspect to me. The
preliminaries for it all were
underway while I lived there.
Reading all this, you'll just
scoff, and it's completely
understandable. But let me
say, this account stands,
nonetheless. The first thing
necessary to point out was,
in the Rockefeller years, the
state possession of the large
clump of vital land for the
ostensible purposes of erecting,
from the federal and Albany-state
level of operations, a vast
edifice of monumental
proportions from which to
stimulate and later run the
global operations of finance,
intelligence, and the
interconnected, worldwide
needs of all the just-dawning,
post WWII nascent
interactions demanded this.
Make no bones, this was,
from day one, an over-arching
reach of power, a global
takeover of which the little
man would have no clue or
even interest. 1961 - 1965,
those very important years,
allowed the takeover and the
cultural infiltration, as well,
of enough televised and
entertainment junk to sate
and satisfy the average Joe
idiot. Beatles. Elvis. Football
and baseball. Television and
movies. You name it. At the
highest reaches of supra-national
power, this was all planned
and implemented. Even the
so-called 'Space Race. I've
only quite randomly listed six.
At east 11th street, and again
of course, you wouldn't
necessarily know any of this,
nor even what was underway.
Don Larson and Don Drysdale,
Curt Flood and Casey Stengel,
that was about all the showcase
pages of the cheap dailies played
up  -  the 5-cent Daily News
wrap-ups about nothing covered
nothing. Were, in fact, in bed
with the secrets. Take note,
the Twin Towers were not
randomly situated. This was
a specific and a quite particular
site chosen for varied reasons.
The country was slowly leaving,
urban NY wise, a maritime and
harbor-oriented economy. All
of that was wilting to nothing
and already near death. The
waterway factor meant nothing.
Globally an geographically, this
was a very rich site  -  on the
energy lines and within the
vibratory tendencies of all
the old, esoteric knowledges.
To boot, this was a neighborhood,
and a district. It had to be cleared
and cleansed, and, in a wholesale
fashion, people and families had
to be displaced, ruined, moved
out, and their real estate and
possessions taken from them.
Who were these people, and
what district was this?
Middle-Easterners, Lebanese,
Iranian, and Arabian. All this
was their neighborhood and
their streets. The 'district' had
been called the 'electronics'
district  -  batteries, vacuum
tubes, radio and television
electrical things. So, just
starting with that, there was
from the first an anti-Arab
bias set in place  -  all those
sheikdoms and kingdoms,
mostly drawn artificially with
British and American borders
selected, land usurped for Israel,
Mossadegh overthown in Iran,
the Shah of Iran, Riza Pahlevi,
set up, in place, to fleece and
steal billions from both his
people and from oil-money
ventures as well as to protect
American interests. This was
a global hegemony, from the
very beginning. People were
killed, small wars fought, old
and ancient tribalism disrupted.
Make no mistake, the seeds of
a destruction were set in place,
as far back as 1949, 1956, and
The photographer Danny Lyon
has documented all of this is a
series of remarkable photos from
that era  -  the abandoned, the
run-down, the ruined and empty
streets of that old Arab District
as it was being cleared and
emptied of people. It's very
sad to view, a sad sight indeed.
On this huge footprint of land,
where everything was taken
away, there was an exodus.
An Exodus. Though not the
Jewish kind, which is all we
ever hear about. But that's
another story, of another day,
concocted to bolster and underlay
the equally pathetic story of
ancient primitives selected by
their own, small version, of a
fierce and warlike, iron-age
God. Rubbish all. The version
of things I am telling here may
seem unbelievable to you (ye of
little faith), but, I attest, it is no
more unbelievable than any of
rot and cant you've invested
spirit, souls, and cultures too
for millennia, in the downtrodden
belief by Man of a God who
cares and who selects.
So be it. Whatever it is we are
adept at, that is what we are. The
clearance and destruction of that
entire area was underway, with
the hidden purposes and the hidden
elite of underwriters going about
their business. In fact, the world
applauded. The Twin Towers went
up. Their secret basements and
control rooms and Interpol/CIA
intelligence offices, intercommunication
lines, tracking mobilities, and
all the rest almost too cleverly
concealed by bland and square
offices, floor after floor, startlingly
swift elevators, a bland and atrocious
mezzanine filled with junk trinket
stores, clothiers and shoes shops,
electronics (!), travel books and
crummy book stalls, eateries,
snacks, and a subway connection.
The only people ever steadily
seen there were the underclass of
black or third-world janitors,
cleaners, moppers, door-people
and guards. Yes, it was, at that
level racist. The preponderance
of the offices, ten plus years on,
in a building otherwise considered
a tenancy failure (few of the
large-scale leases ever were taken,
for years) thus became state and
government tenants, bureaus of
this and that, the bland,
pencil-scratch of bureaucracy
with pale-green walls. A real
mess. This all went on for years.
I'm not belaboring the point.
The place was declasse; surrounded
by tie-shops and lottery booths,
parking garages and Burger Kings.
1991, or whenever it was, brought
the first attempt  -  some moron
gets a van-load of high-impact
explosives into the underground
garage and it goes off at midnight
or something. Much damage done,
but limited in scope. Some Sheik,
Omar Abdul Rahman, or whatever,
a blind guy, is apprehended,
vows revenge and a second try,
and is given (supposedly) endless
life terms. He may be dead now,
having expired in prison, or not.
He vows 'the next attempt, believe
me, will succeed.' The global
implementers of all this, they
work on long time-scales. Ten
or twelve years is nothing.
I watched these buildings go up.
Steel beam by steel beam cutting
the sky, wrapped in orange at first,
then as it proceeded the orange
was removed and only the
latest parts were in orange.
So you were able always to
view and gauge the progress.
Two idiot towers, exactly alike,
a testament to linear-thinking,
to thought and mind control  -
right angles, straight, un-ornamented
spires of nothingness. Nothing
to see, nothing to sweep the
mind away, no romance, no
grace. Like bad porno, just the
job, getting done. Line and angle,
straight-edge and plane, cube and
square. There was really nothing
here - a horrid, biblical Babel,
of rude silence. From where I
lived, it changed everything.
I used to sit on the little porch
at a place called 'Nancy Whisky
Pub' and look down Hudson.
These two towers loomed,
way down at the end, stretching
over everything, lending an
ending quotation to the sky
and the city and the world.
Leading you, as viewer, as
human, as being, to then
acquiesce to the fact that there
was nothing going on, that life
was bankrupt, that alien powers
had taken over all thought and
reason. The only view your prison
cell afforded was of two slick
towers in a desolate sky. As
it was going up, we watched,
we broke in, past the night
barricades, and looked at things,
moved around. The beams being
delivered by truck, all through
night, arrived through the Holland
Tunnel still warm, literally, still
warm from Bethlehem Steel Works
a scant hundred miles off, a straight
line across Route 78, built by the
defense department to facilitate
armaments traffic in case of war,
 the Eisenhower Administration.
Decimating farmland and countryside,
all peace and quiet. Rts. 287, 78, 80,
each streaming out across a ruined
New Jersey  -  as did interstates
everywhere  - and built in a Cold
War frenzy, a paroxysm of fear.
You needn't believe me, go look
it up yourself, read Eisenhower's
presidential Farewell Message,
the one wherein he tells America
to 'fear the Military-Industrial
Complex.' This from the 8-year
President of the USA. He himself
knew then that he was powerless,
that all presidents are puppet-goons,
window-dressings for nothing. The
dark and hidden powers ruling life
and global events care little for you
and me. As it turned out, this was
their project. When they got done
with what they needed doing, it
came down, all was expendable.
The preparations for that day
were long in coming. First the
construction. Then the forty
years of use. Then the destruction.
All the same. How many people
were killed that day, 3000 or so?
Did you ever wonder why family
or kin of each fatality from the
Twin Towers destruction were
given a million dollars each? A
million dollars. The guy down 
the street, killed by a bus that 
same hour, he got nothing. The
securities analyst in the Brown
Brothers Harriman Trust offices
over on Beaver street, who keeled
over dead of a heart attack, his
family got nothing. The guy 
down the street at the Hell's 
Angel bar called the John 
Street Tavern, the one who 
died from a beating and a knife
wound just a few hours before,
his kin got nothing. Why those
three thousand? What was that?
Whose money, and for what
sacrificial purposes. That global
energy grid I mentioned, those
site-lines of power centers, they're
all the same, same as the pyramids
and sacrificial altars of the Mayan
and Aztec ruins, where thousands 
were sacrificed too, eons of 
programmed death  -  daughters
and sons given up to appease the
Gods. Egypt. Iraq. China. Japan.
Nothing but a huge pall of white smoke
covered the lower east side that next 
morning. Not a word was spoken as
people tried going about their work.
Poor people too.

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