Sunday, December 25, 2016


We were out late at night,
playing rock and roll music
on the freezing veranda. It
was Christmas Eve, 1981.
I had my Casio keyboard,
big deal in its day : the two
gents around me played
glorious guitar, and the
drummer was banging on
something, while on
something too. It only
felt freezing because it
was Christmas, but by
the standards, it was
warm enough. There wasn't
much to say : a Jim Carroll
wanna-bee and some Eduardo
who fancied Lou Reed. Out,
stretched before us, maybe
forty people grooved to this
ridiculous pomp and music.
Christmas girls with stars
for eyes who everyone wished
unwrapped and a tony guy or
two from Tower Music, gay
dudes before it was passe.
No one stepped forward,
the entire crowd just staying
in place. The music wasn't
much at all, a few stupid
chords we just kept playing
inside out. I can't remember 
what the other guy even 
sang. 'All hail the Rotterdam,
the ship that's going down 
on land, while through the
hourglass runs the sand,
I love you oow oh wah.'
Something like that.
Believe me, it didn't
take much.

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