Thursday, December 22, 2016


I've got serious swelling where my
mantle should be  -  the dentist says
it's my feet, and my foot doctor says
it's dental. I've got my hip-boot waders
in the trunk of your car, we can walk
through mud, or even lava. Not that I
wish to, please. That rickety boat at
Seneca Lake says it will take me back
again, anywhere I wish to go, at 11.
And they only want 42 dollars. I do
know I can count, but I forgot about
inflation on a fifty-cent ride. My
intention was to get out to the 
middle of the lake on their lame
boat, jump off, and drown in
fifty feet of freezing water.
My survivors could sue (with
my permission), but if they 
ever did find me, I'd be in
a bad position. Did he jump,
or was he not pushed? I
can't go over that again.

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