Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Once upon a time, about 
thirty years ago, that was a 
grocery chain on avenues 
and streets. The New York 
City merchant kingdom
reveled in the name : fruits 
and vegetables, meats and 
game. I remember it well, 
and then: one day they got in
those redemption machines,
where the bums with the 
shopping carts would bring
their collected bottles and 
cans. They'd get maybe two
cents a can, or whatever it 
was. (I'm guessing). No
big climb to get three 
bucks, whatever the work.
One day, some guy knocked
me down, with a punch to the
chest, thinking I had designs
on his cans. Good Lord Jesus
what a man was he : fiery
eyes, and a walking stick 
too. He glared down at
me, on the ground, like he
was burning my soul. We
hadn't even met; were
passing, that's all. I
brushed myself off, and
got back up. My chest, yes,
in some pain. Just walked
on. For nearly two weeks
after, it hurt when I
breathed deep in.

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