Sunday, December 11, 2016


(now burning)
To take that guy outside, 
and  brain him, I'd love  -  
a two-by-four to the head
wouldn't be too good for him.
Go down, Moses. As it is, 
they've torched the roadhouse 
already, and the flames are
fearsome, glowing.
I used to own all this: the hillside
and the hilltop too. We raised
cattle, porkers and girls. My wife
and I, I mean  -  we had three:
Patty, Marge, and Domana.
The girls. Domana was the name
my wife got stuck on; I never
much liked it. Her maiden name
was Domaniachi. I let it go.
Everyone grew up; we got old.
The guys who bought the place paid
good money for it, and we all were
glad. That was 14 years ago already.
The girls are all married and moved
away. Me and Mrs. Domaniachi (as I
call her) bought this little place some
time ago, and live here happily.
Except for what they've done 
(now burning). From where we sit, 
we can still see, in the distance, 
the whole, entire hill.
(Now burning)...

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