Tuesday, December 20, 2016


It must be something in the water :
let's get drunk on these broad angles.
The papier-mache war machine is
coming along to get you; and they're
driving us out of town.
The best thing to do when this 
happens is to take a left at the
Harkness farm and just drive up
to the top of that hill. Nothing more
to be displayed but that. In the best
parts of Autumn I used to see that
very hill a'blaze with color - those
tress were everywhere showing off.
Man what a sight that always was. 
Mt. Pisgah, they called it. You go up
there now, there's a big Indian, a statue
of some local lore - a chief, whose 
name they now nicely try to phontecize.
Wobetonka. They go 'Woe-Be-Tonka.'
But I wonder why. Who couldn't figure
that out for themselves? And  -  really   -
did they have to go with 'woe' when
a simple 'Wo' would work as well?

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