Tuesday, January 19, 2016


As an artist, all color is just range  - 
how far do you wish to go? Laying
down another pigment, shading a shadow
blue, or black. Which way to show the
soul's intensity? My slap of color here can
overwhelm the line, there. My line, on the
other hand, over the opposite side, can 
underscore the idea of red which has been 
presented. It's all a marvelous window onto
a rolling life. The colors change our feelings.
This can't be overthought, or you get nothing.
One has to intuit, with the artists's sense of
being, or even of well-being, that you are getting
it right, sourcing the collect from the proper pond.
It brings a viewer to the sense of visiting, or of
being there  -  for your moments, for your time.
Everything here is self-created. 
The pigments work just fine.

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