Sunday, January 17, 2016

7691. PRETTY CUTE FOR A POEM (rocky mount, NC)

(rocky mount, NC)
I'm having bad coffee in this roadside motel 
somewhere in North Carolina, and the lobby 
here looks like nothing, and a few people 
mill around. All last night some girl kept
going door to door looking for business to
ply. She charged money, but this shit coffee
is free. What do you know about that!
There are about six of these places right in this
ring  -  of streets, that is  -  just off I95. Truckers 
and drivers, losers and me  -  probably all the same,
who stop for the night to make sense of their head.
I guess she hits them all, the motels, or maybe
there's a girl or two assigned to each side. I
don't know, and I've only seen this one.
She isn't much  -  hey, no glamour or glitz. (I guess
what else do you need but a nice pair of tits). Cheap
rhymes, fuck me, are always my downfall. Now isn't
this cute for a poem?

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