Sunday, August 9, 2015


A flotilla of land mines was coming my way  -  I
knew it, I could smell it, I could sense the world
off-center. Whether it was by land or sea, I knew
the format of our whole existence was about to 
change. Whatever it was to be, I had to see.
There's only one factor in all of this illusion; that
factor is necessity. We simply 'need' certain things
to be, to square off our beings and to make 'reality'
have sense  -  for every one of our 'up's, there needs to
be a down, for an open, a closed, for a square, a circle.
There's no other way and it was all pre-ordained. It is 
simply the order of the way things are. You can fight
this all day long, and as long as you wish, but it cannot
change. The right angle which makes the corner, it's
the same right angle which then supports the house.
Life is so simple, when it's unified.

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