Saturday, August 15, 2015


Quick, make it work, before he gets home again.
Sit with your back to the wall, and stay quiet. You
know, you've done it again  -  this time it's Super Glue
in your hair! How did you ever do that? Well, no matter,
I'm pretty sure this nail polish remover will do the trick.
Although it smells, at least it smells like ladies.
Well, if you must know, I was putting together a painting, 
and the outside frame wood kept falling off, so I decided to
glue it using that  -  and when my hair fell into my eyes
(reason I usually wear a cap) first thing I did was, yes,
use my hand to brush it back and that hand, in turn, I
brushed over some fresh-glued area, and transferred it.
Oh well, what's it matter, I mean otherwise what a mess
everything could be, everywhere. Nothing ever really
works right, you know  -  look at the space program, or
those countries with nuclear programs, for instance  -
not often but eventually, something's always blowing up.
Glue in your hair? Nothing. We'll fix it up.

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