Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I have walked away with the canisters they said these things
were in. The UPS guy, Dave, said it was okay. He delivers films
to the movie house every two weeks but says that will soon be
stopping since they're going digital. Or something. Something
I can never care about. I hate actors and movies and starlets
and fakery. I can't believe for shit. You're telling me that's a
New York street, I'm telling you it's a Main Street set. And
the special effects just make me barf. 'Any actress worth her 
shit, all she has to do is show her tits.' Can you believe some 
beefsteak Jewboy producer actually said that to me? Yeah,
at Annals Film Retrieval company, on  37th street. He was
sitting there with his fat ass on a stool watching a re-wind of
some porno flick while smoking his big cigar. I knew what 
he meant, right off the bat  -  it wasn't very hard, I mean
difficult. Such a schmuck this guy was, believe me, if I 
was a moyel I'd have gladly taken off his head.

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