Saturday, August 15, 2015


A guy told me today I look 'shredded.' I had no idea
what he meant. I think maybe he meant wasted, tired
out, battered, worn? I don't know. But then he said, 
'that's a good thing, you know. I envy you.' Hadn't a
clue. He's an alright guy, someone I see maybe ten or 
fifteen times a year  -  young, Russian guy with a
power-washing business, going great guns. His
wife's family has money  -  he says they're always
looking for new ideas to invest in and he thinks I could
 be his idea man, the guy he's been looking for. He
swears he'll cut me in if anything ever goes. So,
I throw him ideas, yeah  -  probably just wasting
my ideas, which he'll steal and never tell me.
Like the cigarette lighter that can tell you who your
mate is with and why at any time. Now there's a really
dynamite idea. He thought. (I think his wife's fooling
around on him, which is why I made it up. Knew he'd 
bite). But seriously, really, here's the one I told him
today: serious, 'vitamin' water for dogs. Fortified
canine water. Think of it : no one makes anything like
it. Even in dog stores, there's never an aisle for dog water
like there is for people water in supermarkets and such. 
People are always fussing over their dogs, 'only the best',
getting all proud and haughty over Fido and his needs.
This can let them say regular water's just not good enough.
Fortified canine water, with energy and health essentials, 
for only the pampered and only the best! Yes? Yes!
They'd buy it by the cartload, especially if the
BS factor is done right and gets high enough.
Call me. Send me a check, ok?

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