Thursday, August 6, 2015


Like a conference at Breadloaf, I only hear heavy
words which beat down other heavy words and
theories. Ideas. The thoughts that all men configure
when they've stayed too long at school. Give me
your twenty-nine fingers, put them on this table. I
will watch how your reflexes work : trying not to
think too hard. My dog sleeps on the patio. I stand
here in the hall. The telephone still on the wall just
rang  -  what I garnered was that some Indian guy 
wants me very badly to install solar roof panels from
his company, or the company for which he's calling.
I said 'Yes, thank you, I already did, I'll take two,
 you should have my payment by now already. I 
sent it yesterday.' All he did was break down into
laughter, and try to maintain his cool, He called
my by my name, the name he had for me, in his
curious pronunciation between laughs. It was 
quite the moment, for us everywhere, all.

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