Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I knew her brother Frankie, before he died. 
Had a nice job in Columbus, Ohio, and he repaired
watches on the side. Had a job in the Governor's
office, as a bookkeeper for the Labor Department.
I never thought  -  he'd have been the last  -  that
someone like him would end up in prison.
When they brought him in for arraingnment, you
know, all those cameras, reporters, and him in wrist
shackles, it was sad. We all watched the TV anyway
that night, just to see what he'd say. Nothing.
Never found out the whole story : two weeks later he
was dead. In his yard, on bail by then, someone came
in through the back fence  -  one of those tall, white, 
wide ones  -  while he was mowing or hosing or something
distracting. Put two bullets in his head, like that. He was
gone, immediately  -  and I guess so was whatever info
he had that could be traded off for reduced charges, or
whatever all that is. Someone, or group, I suppose,
sure really didn't want him to talk.
Ohio mob, all that Prendergast stuff, those hoodlums
running their grafts and corruptions. Oh well, Harmonia,
it's over and done, and he's better off dead. hate to say it,
yeah, but he's better off dead.

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