Saturday, August 1, 2015


A seance was held in my building; the lights went
down and the whole place seemed dead  -  even the
elevator, usually a sparkle, went sluggish. I heard voices
in other rooms  -  and when I went to them,. even those 
rooms had disappeared. I was left holding the proverbial
bag. The lights flickered some, then grew brilliantly white,
then again down to nothing. Sure that I had heard doors
closing and opening, I looked, but there were no longer
any doors. Just voices. Whatever had gotten started
was now long underway. Spirits made manifest their
presences - windows slapping, where there were none,
and stairways offering me no exit arose, where before
there'd been but a wall. Things grew larger, and those
which didn't grew smaller. Just as well, I couldn't tell.
Everything met in the middle, being determined to 
disappear. A white light in the center hall opened up,
into a whiter space with rays of blue  -  moving outward,
those rays apparently took everything up, with them, away.
I found the illusion telling, and suddenly understood what
my own life had been  -  and the reality behind it. Now
buttressed with more certainty than ever before. This
went on for a while, then things went away  -  being
just determined again to disappear.

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