Saturday, July 1, 2017


I know the pencil draws the drawing 
and not me. But just being present is 
not enough; like all those university 
kids hanging around the stairway at 
The Annex, everything is running
And for just doing nothing there's 
a lot of standing around. Kids joke  
about their dick size or their prowess
in the sack. I can only figure they mean
their rented dorm-room mattress hovel.
I was here in the 60's, and then the 70's,
and through the 80's, and then the old 
Annex was gone. Half a block away, the
closed bowling alley became some lunging
chain-store brewery, probably serving all
those same bastard kids. Still talking.
Still standing around : but now with 
their two-part lemonades and the new
girlfriends they've found.

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