Saturday, July 29, 2017


This is how it's got to be. I had
a guy once, a boss, and every time
the axe had to fall, or something
crummy had to happen  - a printer
fired, a cutter let go, a bindery person
laid off, he'd always blame the accountant.
It was funny, that bit. The only time the
named accountant had any say in the
business was when he was being used
as the excuse for bad news. When times
were flush, and they were all off running
to the bank, that accountant had no hand
at all in the business. I never wanted to
be like that, be that kind of person,be 
a boss at all. Certainly none of that was
in my cards anyway. But there are some
people who can really weave a story, as
needed, and when it's needed too.
I kept waiting to hear :
'Uh, my accountant says you
can't park here anymore.'

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