Monday, July 10, 2017


The soldiers came by to tell me I was dead.
I knew they were just messing with me, but
I played along and began to weep. It did the
trick, and they soon were gone. Lots of
things happen like that, especially here  -  
this place is called Sand Fault. And that's
what it is; a depression in the already soft
and sinking sand earth, where nothing 
much holds and all disappears. It's all
just a matter of time  -  if something is
here for your whole lifetime, you think
it's forever. But the day after you're gone
it, too, could disappear. Then what are
the others to think? 
The fisherman here go down by the water
under the bridge, to fish. That's what they
want people to think anyway; I think they
really just ogle the girls passing on the
bridge overhead.

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