Monday, July 10, 2017


I came in here dry and hungry, my hands
were on the table, my feet were at the floor.
Two mongrel dogs turned nice and snappy
as soon as I touched their heads. It can be
done. Boy, I hate retainers who always
have something bad to say.
The judge came in wearing a robe. I
jokingly asked, 'What do have you on
under that?' He answered, 'A kilt.'
The steno lady started laughing.
We once built a tree-house, when I
was a kid, about 30 feet up in the tree
out back. It stayed up there for years.
Funny, how it goes : at 9 years old
that tree house was the biggest thing
in the world for me, and ten years later,
seeing it, all still in place, I'd think
'what the heck for?' I guess we all
grow out of our ideas, eventually.

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