Sunday, July 30, 2017

9791. BURLAP

Dad used it for everything  -  always
burlap sacks. Heavy, coarse stuff, a
sort of tan color; rich. There were times,
he'd be out fishing, me with him too, when
I was a simple kid, he'd catch 10, 12 bluefish.
or fluke or flounder (those last two were the
flat fish) and they'd all be chucked into the
burlap sack. To die, I guess. It was so gross
I-to-nearly died. I hated that stuff; it wasn't
abuse back then, but he always dragged me
with him, these stupid fishing trips. 
Back to those fluke or founders, the flat fish
I mentioned; there was a weird story with one
of them. I was always told, be it true or not,
that they're born with an eye on each side,
but over time that one eye migrates to the
other side, so by the time of adulthood, the
fish swims flat, with both eyes on one side.
Put that in your sack and smoke it.

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