Tuesday, July 4, 2017


The tangential repercussions of Heard's Brook
overflowing are really nothing at all. Unless,
perhaps, you are the nearby business owner,
the Dunkin' Donuts guy, or even the owner 
of the Veterinary office nearby. The water
will just never get that high. Mostly, as water
is wont to do, it just flows downward, not up.
Higher-flow just brings deeper water to the
land that is low. Which is why it's always 
good to go to higher ground when selling 
high and buying low. 
Now, that doesn't mean there's not some
history involved. Like this General Heard
guy, for whom Woodbridge extends its pride,
who owned these lands which included these
waters. General George Washington himself
gave Heard the orders  -  something about
'Send Heard and his men to fight this skirmish.'
And they did  -  his small and successful
contingent victorious. Washington then 
visited, in fullest confidence, and, in
fact, I'd bet he walked right here.
(Which is here, and which you've
now heard. Or, at least read).

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