Thursday, July 20, 2017


There's no use to sensation, before dawn
or otherwise either. My magician says she
can't make the clock run backwards, so I
hire her once more. Double-Trouble and
lickety-split. That first one's a South Jersey
Pine Barrens place; the second, I'm not so 
sure. If there ever was an attitude worth
remarking about, this is it.
That singer girl, I forget her name, from
Reading, PA, I realize I've never heard her
at all  -  therefore I'm only taking others
at their word when they call her 'singer.'
I think that's what media hype is  -  you
just believe what you hear, not what is.
Here's the toy chest that kid left behind :
he stayed all last Summer, a real pain in the 
butt. I'm not a fan of children anyway, but,
man, this was it. I suppose he's a year older
now, so the chandler's got a job, and the
whittler's got a carving mission, and I've
got  -  once more  -  nothing in between
Being and Nothingness. (As they say).

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