Sunday, June 25, 2017


Something about, say, lemon and life, or
pineapple and preparation; that's what I'm
looking for. No, it doesn't exist, which is
all the more fun : riverboat captain, holder
of the dynastic palms. (I swear there's an
echo in this folder). Live and learn.
Three guys get out of the truck, the oldest
guy, white bearded and ancient, I take to be
the father. Maybe that's just grizzled, not
ancient. Not a word is spoken, They nod, 
I wave and move aside. They're pulling a
small boat, which they begin to unload.
Trailer on wheels, backed down into the
launching ramp, two seconds work, and
they're done. I'm watching, in my rear-view
mirror as I sit and wait. Marveling, all the
time, at all this gracious wonderment of life.

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