Tuesday, June 6, 2017

9605. IT'S FUNNY

It's funny what angers me. The Ringling Brothers
Circus closes up less than a month ago, releases its
lions in to some sort of sanctuary, and now, today I
read of a sanctuary in South Africa to which circus
animals worldwide are being sent to refuge, being
killed by poachers  -  who kill them for their head,
tails, paws, and skins, all of which were missing from
the two lions killed here (by poachers who 'snuck' past
the guards. I would bet my own paws that these 'guards'
were paid off to look the other way). Such animal parts
are thriving now as a huge global black margin for such
things as tonics, potions, rubs, and salves. Mankind is
still rather primitive. Yet, we comfortably  prod along,
culturally inept but wise in our thinking about it  -  how
advanced and progressive we are in all things. Girls,
ladies, and boys still sing and rant on TV, crowds line
up in gaggles for arena-show tickets and scream the
words to their newest and late-acquired little ditties,
while someone on stage obligingly sings it back to
them, for their money. We stretch and oblige the false
truths and the true falsities of the landing pads of
artificiality we live upon, scolding those no like us,
goading and forbidding others because they are not,
and rewarding those who are, who buy in to our fabric
and let its warp enter their weave. I just don't know.
Be anything you want, but don't be a lion.

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