Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Never knowing what to handle,
the two armed guards stood outside
the bank : idle seekers of sunshine
out back killing their time.
They'd have been in big trouble right
then, I'd bet, if that alarm had gone off,
or if some Bonnie and Clyde urban duo
swept in just then and pushed their pride,
jamming people against the wall with their
guns and ammo; sliding the demand for
money under the three-inch thick glass.
Out front, me, yeah me, I'd have been their
driver, waiting at idle in an SUV, just primed
to beat the lawmen to the ramps and tunnels.
Trouble with robbing a bank in New York City,
though, and I of course would have realized
all this too late, is that a getaway car is about 
as useful there as a diaper of poop in a 
nursery chair. Stuck in traffic,
from here to there.

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