Sunday, June 11, 2017


The guys came buy with a bulldozer or one of those
Caterpillar things construction guys use and just
scooped everything up into a large green dumpster.
They charge big money for them, by the day and
a three day minimum  -  dumpsters. Measured by
the 'yard'  -  the amount of junk you can throw in.
I've seen them where the entire end opens down,
like a platform, and you can just walk right in with
your stuff  -  dressers and sinks and heavy things  -
with no lifting involved, up or over the side. It's
a deal, I suppose. Some people use them to clean
out houses and yards, and businesses use them when
they're underway with a remodel. Secretaries come
out with their rinds and peels, and gently throw
them in. That's kind of funny, like a misplaced
effort, a violin in a saxophone band. And speaking
of females, you know what else is funny on NY
city streets? They way all these girls come out,
strolling along, past all the fruit and vegetable
vendor guys along the street, and they're always
stopping to buy bananas. Snacks or lunch or
whatever, usually like a buck a banana, as a
single. No bargain for sure. Anyway, girls,
females, buy all these bananas and then walk
along. Here's where it gets funny : there's
nothing in the world more coy than a girl not
wanting to be seen eating a banana. Funny stuff.
They peel it OK, or half, whatever. That's not
a problem, but then they get all embarrassed  -
you can see  -  about bringing it to their mouth.
Funniest thing in the world. So they wind up
just breaking off little 2-inch pieces, whatever,
as they walk along. You know, like the world
cares. Construction guys all over, yeah, I admit.
Maybe that's it; it's got to be tough. Those guys
show little mercy, even though it isn't like it used
to be. The world's gotten a lot more polite and
self-aware know, but still. You know. I can
almost understand. Goes with that territory,
I guess, like free pretzels in a tavern. No,
that doesn't really work, as the pretzels are
supposed to whet your appetite, advance your 
thirst. The opposite of this. So, I don't know.
Other things too  -  city streets just no longer
have them : Wing tips (shoes), and trench coats.
Easier than anything now to just throw things away.
But I suppose it's easier for men, always  -  none
of that extreme self-consciousness. I mean regular
men, the old-style laboring guy who mumbles along
cursing time and his labor. Chewing a smoke, and
spitting at will. At a certain level, that life
just goes on, never changes, and these
guys just sail along.
There never was a textbook f0r living, even
though that's what 'school' is supposed to be,
learning numbers and figures and history. Yet,
they always had it all wrong anyway. Simple and
stupid, as they kept it. Relativity? What's that,
your Aunt Jane and Uncle Joey?

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