Saturday, February 4, 2017


I don't can't always do this
because it mostly goes too far
but that's not a shadow of doubt 
I'm wearing, it's an overcoat, like
you are  -  also wearing.
I've been weaned of this avid life
long ago, and now have only spinarets
to show for what it is I do: a plantation
in Chicago; in North Carolina, a big
factory for shoes. It all seems wrong,
but it's so right too. How are you?
I kneel before I genuflect, always.
It's so right to do  -  Popes and bishops,
Kings and Queens, any of that like a
chessboard piece, rook, knight, pawn.
No peace. I can't don't always know
this because my memory ism sometimes 
faulty; but aren't you the girl in the 
elevator, from 1978? If you can't
remember, it's OK. I'll wait.

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