Wednesday, February 8, 2017


You put the lid on backwards;
I'm not sure that will work. The
screwtop is a screwtop for a
reason, I'd assume. Let's make
a note of what drips out of this
jar today. There's a changeable
sky overhead, and I feel that 
something's up  -  coming our 
way, rolling in, bringing more
turpitude and crud.
Here's the handle to the overdone
bucket they sell in the store. The
handle came off in less than a
week  -  they make these things
now, decorated like a girl, and
they're useless otherwise. It's a
pail, and nothing more, but they
seem to overlook that fact. We
want utility and strength; they
give us worn-out and effete
instead; decorating the big
death-head on a floating

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