Friday, February 24, 2017


Hijacked, the cars and the
wagons of the infinite. All
taken and whisked away by
a modern day. Laggard, 
spinning offshoot of the
dumb and dumber.
Boys, I can read my William
Blake and I can read it well :
the natural world's a lie, and
that is all I'll tell.
So then, you've got your ledger
books and all those little seats at
the large flat tables, so make your
plans and count your gains, at least
as long as you're able. It won't
be lasting forever, sorry friends.
The Lord throws on his vengeance 
coat, just every once in a very great
while. That time is due again, I
can tell and I can see. Not literally,
I mean more a tear in the fabric
of the real, or what we see and
all we assume. There'll be some
changes made. And it will all
come running through.

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