Saturday, February 25, 2017


The man who exalts himself will be
exalted, and the man who humbles,
will be. That's the way it always
seems to go. Red wagon, red robin,
red diaper babies. That's what
they used to call the 1940's and
50's kids who were born here
to Commie parents. Yes. Red
diaper babies. Stunning phrase,
and there's nothing really wrong
with that; they needed to be
called something. In a manner
of speaking, a James Michener
format to all we can learn. You
just make it up anyway, along
along the walking. Think of the
King who sold New York, or the
dolt who purchased Alaska. It
can be called either way  -  wise
guy, dope, or prescient genius.
Remember the French King who
sold 'Louisiana' to Jefferson for
like 25,000 dollars. It doubled
the size of the country overnight,
and they didn't even know what
to call it nor what they'd bought.
Whatever was being sold by
France. 'Unburden me, sir, of
this headache.' Okay and he did.
When I was 10, they were still
making states. I remember when
Hawaii came along. I remember
when Alaska came along. Before
that, Arizona and New Mexico
were 1912. If I said I remembered
that too you'd say I was lying.
But I do. Then we still had all
that Spanish problem stuff, getting
California and Texas, and all that.
Junipera Serra, what was up with
him? Torture-maniac monk for
Jesus, killing and maiming up
the entire west coast. Every where
he stopped and killed more than
thirty, he built a trailside mission.
Now they're mostly all booze-joints
and wineries, but California's like
that everywhere. Get a drunk on
a Chinese junk. Welcome them, as
Joan Baez used to say, when they
come to invade, with open arms
and hearts. We're saved.

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