Sunday, February 5, 2017


I used to hate my father brimming, while
I cursed my mother, swimming. I used to
hold a grudge against my family, siblings
and aunts and cousins too. Everything
was a major jumble. I laughed at the
pancake batter, I grew my orange hair 
long, I bent my wrist in company like
a gay man just to get my uncles mad.
It all amounted to nothing in the end.
I found God and I won the lottery.
Fifteen thousand dollars a week for
life, and I walked to Trenton to 
collect my first dough and sign 
my name. It took me nineteen days,
walking slowly and stopping 
wherever I pleased. There was no 
offense involved, and when I got 
there and reported in, the girl there 
was very nice. Then I pulled out my
walking member and said I wanted 
to join. She said 'I'll be right there, 
let me first get these papers in order.' 
I guess she'd thought I meant merge.
No difference to me; if she wished to
join too, that was fine. The one thing
I needed was to get done in time. I
had a nineteen-day walk back to 
home, new money changing 
nothing at all as regards the
trip; and I was wine-drunk
with lethargy too.

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