Thursday, January 19, 2017


'You haven't got any of that and never
had it anyway," the little tax man said, 
to no one in particular. I said to him, 
'I think you misunderstand; that's 
not for individuals, it's a process 
for entities in working for 'others'  
- a sort of 'claim for the greater 
good,' type thing. See the red
light flicker in his eyes.
I'm sure they're all alike, in 
thinking as they do. A certain, 
inalienable right to whatever 
they want to do. And, then,
at the same, as always, I
realize I have such trouble
communicating anything.
See that red light flicker in
his eyes. I swear I saw it again.
The desk was cluttered, a bell
on it, one of those ringers for
people to tap. For those impatient. 
When I asked why it was there, 
he said he used it as a signal 
for when to work slower.

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