Sunday, January 1, 2017


And there you have it. They're on the
big screen now, singing. Just like me,
except I don't sing, and I've not been 
on the big screen either. Well once, as
a bit-part extra you'd never believe.
I was raised on Inman Avenue, though
now I see they call it, on the signs,
'South Inman Ave.' BUT, they way
they abbreviate it, all I ever see is
what appears to be 'Sinman Avenue.
I always think that's kind of funny.
But anyway, let's talk about other 
things. The time my car rolled down
the hill, towards St. George Avenue,
in Rahway, over by the Rahway Inn.
It was slowly rolling away  -  I had
to run hard, open the door and hop
in, all at once, like slowing down a
wagon of runaway horses. I did it. A
real Charlie Chaplin scene, for sure.
Or some Saturday morning cowboy
shoot up from the days of yore  -  
Andy Devine and all the rest. Cool
things to remember, and I 
remember them best.

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