Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Every encyclopedia used to have to start somewhere,
so they mostly agreed on 'A'. I never took issue with 
that, figuring there's 25 more chances of something
behind. It wasn't like those Dictionary kids, the ones
who claimed to read a page a day; learning all those
silly words but really having nothing to say. Why
bother? That was my estimation you know. Dictionary.
Encyclopedia  -  big difference between them. Neither
one really tells you anything: they just pretend. The
real good stuff you go out and learn on your own.
I've got a friend in Edinburgh, Scotland, and another
in California too. Seems like a really big stretch, but
then I've got another in Australia, and Tasmania too.
Oh Heavens, what to do about that little old girl in
my own home town. Now that's the one to shiver
my timbers and turn up my frown. I think I should
like the world better if it came without reasons and
endings. I just want everything to go on and on.
Just think of the difference between infinity and now.
We stipulate the 26 letters to make sure things end.
I just said I want everything to go on forever.

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