Sunday, December 6, 2015


I am not thinking about food, ever.
I am not thinking about money, ever.
I am here, thinking about names: a name
to capture the bearer's essence. Adam,
from 'Adama', meaning Earth. He is rooted
thereby in the very earth he walks upon.
Labors in. Returns to. Eve, from 'Chava'
in Hebrew. 'Em kol chai' - the mother of
all the living. Chava is taken from the Hebrew
word chai, or 'alive' or 'the living'. In the earliest 
bible, Chava is translated two ways: Zoe, meaning
'life'; and Euem or Euan, taken now as Eve, which
loses, in English, its attachment to life. Isaac means
laughter - Sarah's mirth at having a son at 90. Jacob,
(Ya'akov'), is named because he clutched the heel  -
or akev  -  of his twin brother Esau during birth.
Such a sibling rivalry, beginning in utero, is then
literally a namesake. But after the encounter with
the angel in Genesis 32, he is renamed Israel (one
who struggled with God). That final syllable 'El'
being one of the names of God). So as he changed,
his name did too. One of King Saul's daughters, 
Merav: Her name is a Hebrew question, 'who is
greater?' To the ancients, yes, this implied question
is, 'who is greater than God?' Both the question
and the name are statements of faith. Ah, I weary.
Run, for me, the raiment, Raymond.
I tire of all these things.

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