Thursday, November 5, 2015


The idea here is of drawing that winsome
character in a charcoal drag, selling books
to the book thief and then dining with the chef.
People will be sitting around smoking  -  we're
going back a bit, to those days when everything
was done to the accompaniment of a cigarette.
Eating. Fucking. Getting your car inspected. It
little mattered. You took a second for another drag.
So, to whoever is drawing this, everyone needs a
butt in their mouth. You know what I mean, stop it.
Here's the sunlight  - which can't be shown as yellow  -
needs somehow to be suggested as yellow anyway.
A form of splashy light running down the sidewalls.
I don't know how that's to be done, but go ahead.
Then, of course, the women must be precise : finely
drawn, of gentle line with pointed breasts. The way
they used to be shown : comic book vixens or those
nicely-drawn porno-fantasies drawn on the sides of
those B-52 bombers and P-38 fighter jets by crazed,
horny guys in the service. Service this, mama! If
there's to be a dog or a cat, it must be soft and gentle
too, curled up on the floor, at someone's feet, maybe,
with a delicate look, staring up. The inclusion of an
animal here will not detract from the scene, but yet
it will add a certain form of pause. The mind easily
connects. No children, though, please, no children.

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