Tuesday, November 17, 2015


If she was a lady I never knew it, no curtain,
no caftans, no nothing. I sensed her only as 
the apple queen  -  some vague temptress of 
a biblical aura with such a name I'd attached 
to her. She always made me think of origins.
Like Cain and Abel, and weren't they the same
anyway as Romulus and Remus, those two
brothers who were supposed to have founded 
Rome. Mid-eighth century B. C. Twins abandoned
at birth, found by a shepherd family and raised,
Romulus was killed, by Remus, quarreling over 
a place to found the city of Rome. Just like Cain
and Abel, and Moses too  -  Cain kills Abel over
the choice of urban or agricultural life  - settled or
on the go. Human construction, or nomadic farmer.
All the same  -  and she knew it. Cassandra Lee, she 
knew it with all her might. She probably knew I loved
her too  -  but she went off with some other guy who 
knew three languages and spoke like a baby. It wasn't  -
none of it  -  for me anyway. I knew that much too.

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