Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I've got nothing for you but this valise of gold 
and we are sunning together gliding down this 
ramp in a unison of millions and a unity of one.
People come aboard the skylark schooner and
bask themselves in the light of the dark - one page
turns one way and another turns a different way:
Milton Express, only stops at Blake. Here is the
coverlet the dead baby was born with, and here, 
here is where that very old man had sat for years,
in the other room they keep some crazy lady who
swears she's Matilda Grayson but is really Jane
O'Grady whom we do not know. When this light
finally turns on, what you see will frighten you,
for this is the ossuary where all the bones have
been kept but we have only saved the skulls.
Milton Express, only stops at Blake.

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