Friday, November 27, 2015


Like holding up the stage at Jenkins' Crossing, 
it was that easy to enter the fray :  the guy jumped
down to resist. Nefarious Ned took him out. The
two ladies inside began screaming, Nefarious Ned
slammed them quiet. That was much better. There
was also some preacher fellow and a kid, and a 
young guy, who said he wanted to come with us
instead. He's here now. We ain't named him yet.
We made off with the two boxes  - bank money,
some receipts, and other things  -  all on the way
to Crawford. Got three rifles too, and all the small
arms on the people. Another case held a bunch of
papers, tied with string, - some long, hand-written
stuff. We'll keep it; signed some name Twain.
If you get this letter by Tuesday, try to be to
Kasson Falls by month's end. We'll split our takes 
and make new plans. It looks here to be about 
thirty-eight hundred apiece, if there's five of us 
all together. Not counting that new guy  - don't
know nothing about him yet; but if he's still
alive by then, he'll be with us too.  
Signed. 'Kid

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