Wednesday, November 4, 2015


"Just now leaving this cave wherein I have been
hiding so long, I arrive to tell you something :
All your days are numbered and time is coming
to a close. The salty sea rises and falls with the
presence of something unknown to you  -  that
it is which will alter the world and leave you
hanging. In the darkness you will think to
remember the past, the things you've done
and the thoughts you've lived with. You will
have the urge to flee, to run, to seek a place
to stay. Your body will want to touch itself,
you will hunger for company and sex after so 
long in the wild darkness while the air is
seething brown. New flames will engulf. The
fragment of soil which are left with engorge to
a viscous mud and run like a thickened lava of
doom with a progression that soon will cover
everything. Leave a mark and you will be a 
fossil for the next  -  whatever comes after
you to search and scour the land. What is left
will not be left, and all that is different
will be the same. Definitions shall
change, and the new light will
break over the ridge."

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