Saturday, August 6, 2016


I cannot take anything seriously my stomach is
blowing up and everyone I speak with will die
in their time as I will die in mine but the reason 
is the meaning and only that exists. On that guy's
driveway there's a wheelchair now and I never
see him so he's either been lifted off to Heaven or
he's inside either way no need for the wheelchair
seems to exist yet there it sits and if it rains or 
snows I guess it will still be there  -  little footrest
and all just idle but where is that man I wonder?
Adjacent to the category of all magnificent things
is the category of the opposite like in Alamogordo
as they blew off the atomic bombs at the testing
spots and created giant black suns and holes and
fused particles and glazed sands into glass and 
sent the peephole soldiers out to walk the hotted 
sand still burning hot and white and fused and 
somehow called it positive a positive result a 
good like Hiroshima like Nagasaki like things
that were but are now no more like reverse 
negations of the science-world we walk in 
like the dead who raise to life with horrid 
disfigured burns and scars all down their 
backs and torched limbs and faces gaping.

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