Monday, August 29, 2016


I'll throw away your exploding water
the next time and the lampshade on the 
wall will be taken down : lime green like
that is a sorrowful hue and I've got to 
stand up for myself. Yesterday, I watched
a guy pick up a girl. He was riding a 
Ducati, and was telling another guy, as
they stood next to one another in a parking
lot, how the bike was 'all torque', and how
he had to be careful pulling off from lights.
Convenience store prattle, while they 
waited for other guys, who came out
soon, with cold drinks. A hefty girl came
out too, she'd gone in a few minutes before.
He eyed her then, this Ducati guy, and, on
her way out, was sure to catch her. 'What's
your name, darlin?' he said. I figured she'd
say fuck off or something like that. She smiled
and stopped, 'Jenny', she spoke. 'You taken?'
he said. 'Nope' she replied. 'Got a number?' he
asked, and 'yep' she smiled. He walked to her
car, a late model CTS Caddy. I'd forgotten
about the modern day, and figured they'd 
write something down. No, they both 
whipped out phones, and spent the next
60 seconds inputting their crap. And that,
my friend, was that.

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